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Back to All SolutionsSolutions for online merchants selling books, CDs, DVDs, video games,
and other media on marketplaces and web stores.


Media ExpertiseMedia expertise

Monsoon Commerce was founded over 10 years ago and
has been helping online merchants sell on marketplaces
and their own stores ever since. Our staff are experts in
selling media online, having worked with tens of thousands
of customers over the years.

List And Manage Media Inventory Across MarketplacesList and manage media inventory across marketplaces

Listing and managing inventory across multiple
marketplaces can be painful when managed
manually. Monsoon Commerce can automate
listing and de-listing across marketplaces based
on inventory levels to prevent out of stocks,
backorders, and refunds.

Keep Pricing CompetitiveKeep pricing competitive

The Monsoon Commerce patented pricing solution helps media sellers set and execute the appropriate pricing strategy for the product. Manual re-pricing is replaced by automated, ongoing re-pricing to keep competitive as other listings change.

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